Tree Stump Grinding Sussex

Tree stumps are the result of a tree being felled.

If the ground is going to be used for a different purpose, or close building then the stumps are often required to be removed, but its not an easy task.

Some people suggest chemical disintegrarion os an option, but… the reality is that is either takes years to work properly or it doesn’t work at all.

For whatever reason for needing trees stums removed then Sussex Trees and stumps can help you.

The most common way to remove tree stumps s by the use of a Stump Grinder.

There are a vriety of grinders on the market from self propeller to readio controlled units, but all adeasly if not in the hands of trained professional.

The team of tree surgeins and skill technicaians at Sussex Trees and stumps can undertake any of your stump removal needs.

We offer our stump removal services in Sussex, Brighton, West Sussex, Mid Sussex and Eastbourne areas.

Stump Grinding Sussex

Stump Grinding Sussex

Stump grinding is the process of grinding out the stump from a depth of about twelve inches below the ground so that the space can be used for other purposed or to remove subsidence issues frm dead roots.

The tree stump grinder is a petrol-powered machines that spins a disc of “teeth” that eat away at the remaining tree mass, turning them into a lot of wood chipping.

 Stump grinders come in different size and widths and Sussex Trees and Stumps we have the right machine for different tree sizes and for tight access, so give us a call!

Tree Stump Removal Cost

Stump grinding cost can vary depending on several different factors. These include the size of the stump, the type of the tree, how deep the stump roots are, and the type of ground that the stump resides in. Contact us today for a quote tailored specifically to you!

Our equipment is fully insured, and we are covered to up to £2 million public liability as well, so there are no additional costs to worry about

 Our experts will carry out a thorough inspection of the tree stump to determine its depth and if there is any associated materials and potential wear and tear to our equipment before giving you a fixed quote for works!

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